Coastal Trip (myrtle beach , Charleston sc and OuterBank)

If you are Around 5/6 hr drive to (myrtle beach , Charleston sc and OuterBank) from Georgia , Carolina or Florida nearby places this might be a good option for you for nice vacation

Coastal Trip

One fine summer day, me and my family were planning to go somewhere for our summer break. We soon decided to go to Charleston and the Outer Banks. We set out to go onFriday June 30th. After driving for a great deal of time, we started playing a bunch of games. They included, cards, I spy, and guess bingo. After, we drove for 11 hours we reached Charleston.


Of course we had to stay a a hotel and that was a Marriott hotel. It’s name was Residents Inn. It was a 3 star hotel. After a good night’s sleep we ate a breakfast of waffles, sandwiches, and eggs.

We had planned some activities for the day. The first thing to do was Fort Sumter. We were going to take a tour of it. To get there we had to drive for 30 minutes. *&^%$#@@#$%^!!!!! I’ve had enough of driving! Anyway, we reached Fort Sumter and bought our tickets. Unfortunately, we had to wait in line for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 hours!!!  After a while, we got on the boat to go to Fort Sumter, but we had to sit on the top floor in the hot, hot, sun! It felt like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 degrees  Celsius!! On the tour they told us about whatever we passed by. We passed by the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, a few more forts, a lot of other stuff. At last, we reached Fort Sumter. It had been in world war II. We listened to a ranger for a few minutes. Then we looked around. It had old cannons and stuff like that. After exploring the fort, we went to the museum witch was in the fort. We saw lots of flags, weapons, info, and a model bird’s eye view of Fort Sumter. After that we went to the gift shop. I bought a pencil sharpener shaped as a cannon and my brother bought a civil war book. Time was almost up, so we went back to the boat. This time we got seats in the patio and they were in the shade! WOOHOO!!! We even saw dolphins!


We were kind of hungry so we ate at a place called Fire. We all ordered noodles. Then for dessert we ate at Kaminsky‘s. We all took ice cream cookie sandwiches. It was delish! We devoured them in less than 10 min.


A few minutes later we drove to Palm Beach. It was like any other beach. It was still fun and relaxing.

After the beach we went to a lighthouse. We weren’t even allowed to go inside. Anyway, the lighthouse was red and blue.

And then were were back to driving. We were driving to Cheddar Island. It took us the whole entire day, so we had to say at a hotel!  


We went to Springfield Marriott. From looking at the website I figured out it was 3 stars. Then we slept. The quality of the hotel was good. For breakfast we ate waffles,eggs,and sandwiches. Yum!

After that we went on a ferry to Ocracoke. It is a small island. Anyway, the ferry was 90 minutes long, but it was relaxing. We even saw dolphins!

When we reached Ocracoke we saw many sand dunes. We asked someone why there were sand piles on both sides on the road. They said it was because they didn’t want the road to flood. There were beaches on both the sides of the road! And guess what? We got to go for 1 hour, because we had 90 minutes till our next ferry begins! Yay!!!!!! I got really big seashells! They were the size of my hand!


Unfortunately, we had to go. The next ferry was 30 minutes long. It was not relaxing. The ferry went to Hatteras Island.

My family and I decided to go to Kitty Hawk. That was the main point of the trip. Kitty Hawk has the Wright Brothers Museum and Monument. Unfortunately,  we had to drive for a really, really long time! It was so boring!


When we finally  reached Kitty Hawk, we stayed at a hotel called Best Western Plus. It was a 3 star hotel. We ate breakfast and hit the road. We were driving to The Wright Brothers Museum and Monument! Finally! We were sad, because the museum was closed for repairing! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fortunately, everything else was open! First we went to the gift shop. They said if we fill out a worksheet we get a free badge! We filled out the worksheet as we looked around. First, we saw Orville and Wilbur’s temporary house and shed. Then we saw where the first four flights were flown. After that we went to see the monument. It looked like a rectangular pyramid coming out of a star. After that, we got our badges and started driving again.BOOOO!

On the way, we stopped to take pictures of monster trucks. We saw that they were giving monster truck rides! They weren’t even expensive! We went over hills and buses! It was really fun!

We went on another long drive to Myrtle Beach. When we reached Myrtle Beach it was almost night time and it was the Fourth Of July ,so  we booked tickets for a fireworks show. When the clock struck nine, the fireworks started. There were many shapes in the air. BOOM! BLAST! It was super duper fun. Also the deck got on fire! Thank goodness everyone was okay.

By this point it was probably ten or eleven o’clock, so we went to our hotel. This time we booked a four star hotel, because this was the the last hotel of our trip, but it was not the last of our fun! We booked a hotel called Sheraton Inn. The lobby was nice and pretty, but our room was not. There were stains everywhere! There was hair everywhere too! The bathtub was also broken!

When we went to the lobby they gave us a new room, but that room wasn’t any better but at least the bathtub was fine. When we told them what happened they gave us free breakfast and 5000 points! They even fixed our room for us! Well of course they did! Breakfast was like all the other hotels.

Our first activity of the day was helicopter riding. We had to wait in a long line, but it was worth it. It showed us around many places in Myrtle Beach. That includes Wonderworks!

Which brings us to our second activity, Wonderworks. We ate and had fun in the amusement park inside the “upside down” building!


Our third activity was The Hollywood Wax Museum. We saw many things. What I liked the most about it was the fact that it had KingKongs smashing the walls!.

Unfortunately we had to start the drive back home.-sigh-That means I have come to the end of my journey.  -sigh again- I wish I could have stayed longer. Oh well. -sigh yet again- Bye!


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