christmas celebration around the world



New York City


Brazil (fireworks and Christmas tree of Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Ban Tha Rae, Thailand(Tha Rae in northeastern Thailand hosts a yearly multi-day Christmas Parade Festival, featuring performances and parades.)


Paris France

Galeries Lafayette boasts the most elaborate – and most anticipated – windows, inspired by a different theme each year. For 2019, the theme is bees – you’ll see them working in their kitchens, preparing for a holiday party, and conducting a royal procession for the Queen Bee.  The traditional Christmas tree suspended the cupola will also feature magical bees along with vibrant winter flowers.  Every half hour, you’ll see the tree’s lights change colors while the bees fly around the cupola and put on a spectacular show.

Orlando Florida (Disney)

Strasbourg, France

Seoul, South Korea