Neato Robotics – D8 Intelligent Robot Vacuum – Indigo ($699.90) $349.90



You can’t use circles to clean a square corner. That’s why Neato introduced the D-shape to the industry more than 15 years ago. That D-shape allows for a brush right at the edge of the vacuum, instead of in between wheels like those round robots. This D-shape also fits an extra-large dirt bin that holds more during a cleaning session. The result? Corner-to-corner and edge-to-edge cleaning in a short amount of time. The Neato D8 has 30%+ longer runtime than the D4. That’s 100 minutes of cleaning on a single charge. If your robot needs more time to finish a long cleaning run, it will auto-recharge and resume from exactly where it left off to finish the job. You don’t have to babysit your robot while it’s cleaning—with Neato, you can just let it run. The powerful performance you have come to expect from Neato continues with the D8. Combined with a High-Performance filter that traps up to 99% of allergens and dust particles, this is one vacuum you’ll want to use every day. Switch from energy-saving Eco Mode for general vacuuming to high-performance Turbo Mode for a more powerful clean. The Neato D8 uses LaserSmart powered by LIDAR, the same technology found in self-driving vehicles, to map and navigate your home with precision, even in the dark like under furniture. Using lasers to understand where it is in your home, Neato methodically cleans from room to room in straight lines for a quicker clean, leaving your carpets with that satisfying just-vacuumed look. Worried about stairs? There’s no need to be with Neato. Drop sensors automatically detect stairs to avoid falling down them and continues to learn your floorplan as you use it. Get cleaning in minutes with Neato’s hassle-free, Bluetooth-enabled setup. Using the MyNeato app, create No-Go Zones to define areas your robot should avoid like your pet’s eating area and schedule Routines to clean when you want. It’s an experience that makes Neato the clear choice for clean.