hundred thousand Diamond Solitaire Ring – $109999.99 price drop

Round Brilliant 3.19 ct Internally Flawless G Color Diamond Solitaire Ring – $109,999.99 at Costco

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  • Only One Available
  • IGI Value: $171,825



    • IGI Value: $171,825
    • GIA #: 1122749998
    • Metal: 950 Platinum
    • Diamond Shape: Round Brilliant
    • Minimum Diamond Weight: 3.19 ct
    • Diamond Clarity: Internally Flawless ( IF )
    • Diamond Color: Near Colorless ( G )
    • Diamond Cut:  Excellent
    • Ring Size: 7 – Sizeable to any size (Costco does not provide this service)


Costco makes purchasing the highest quality diamonds easy by offering only the industry’s highest quality diamonds at the lowest possible price. Our long-standing relationship with our suppliers guarantees we get the best selection at the best value. Costco’s experienced buying team works with our suppliers evaluating and hand-selecting each diamond for its quality and brilliance. Our team of Graduate Gemologists then inspects every diamond to ensure it meets the strictest quality standards in the industry in cut, color, clarity, and craftsmanship. You can be confident your purchase is as special to us as it is to you.

This item comes with a Summation Of Appraisal certificate from the International Gemological Institute (IGI). This is to certify that the item described above is genuine, and has been independently examined in the laboratories of IGI.

Also included with this diamond is a GIA (Gemological Institute of America), Gem Trade Laboratory, Diamond Grading Report. Gem Trade Laboratory is a division of GIA Enterprises, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the nonprofit Gemological Institute of America, Inc. This describes the characteristics of the diamond at the time of the examination based upon 10x magnification.

When returning unique jewelry items, or items containing a 1.00 ct center diamond or larger, Costco warehouses may require additional time to verify the diamond, in which case a refund will be approved upon positive verification and as long as the item is not damaged or changed in any way (i.e. resized or reset). This process may require two to five business days.


IGI Diamond Reports give an accurate assessment of a diamond’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight according to strict international standards.

IGI Diamond Reports are issued for diamonds of any size; a plotted diagram of the characteristics and a graphic representation of proportions appear on many of our documents.

IGI Diamond Reports have different formats and presentations, customized to serve a wide range of consumer demand in our different worldwide markets. Regardless of format, every IGI Diamond Report is issued according to the strict international standards and security features for which IGI is known.

Diamonds with permanent treatments are certified with such treatments noted prominently in the comment section of the report. IGI Diamond Reports are not issued for diamonds with non-permanent treatments.

Gemstones should only change hands when accompanied by a certificate attesting to quality. Regardless of location or marketplace, an authentic IGI Laboratory Report is the common language of trust and confidence in the gemological world.



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