JVC GY-HM200U Ultra 4K HD 4KCAM Professional Camcorder & Top Handle Audio Unit with XLR Microphone $1800

JVC GY-HM200U Ultra 4K HD 4KCAM Professional Camcorder & Top Handle Audio Unit with XLR Microphone $1800 at Walmart

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Key Features:
Integrated 12x Ultra HD Lens, 1/2.3-inch CMOS Sensor
The GY-HM200 was built to deliver stunning, life-like 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) video. The ultra high quality imagery begins with a precision 12x F1.2-3.5 optical zoom lens (35mm equivalent: 29.6-355mm). JVCs 4K CMOS sensor with 12.4M pixels delivers high sensitivity and excellent performance over a wide range of lighting conditions. Details are crisp and accurate throughout the entire image plane. When shooting in the HD mode, Dynamic Zoom combines optical zoom and pixel mapping to create seamless and lossless 24x zoom. This allows the camera to have a long zoom range while retaining its small form factor. Shooters will also appreciate the convenient ND filter wheel: 0, 1/4th and 1/16th positions.

Full HD 4:2:2 Recording at 50Mbps
The ability to record H.264 4:2:2 24-60p at 50 Mbps makes these cameras ideal for broadcasting and production houses alike. The 4:2:2 color sampling enables them to deliver exceptional color resolution even when images are in sharp contrast to the background which is particularly useful when strong colors are in contrast to bright backgrounds or in green screen uses. Virtually Lossless H.264 50Mbps Recording
Equipped with a H.264 Extreme-High Quality (XHQ) 50Mbps (MOV) recording mode used in HD SLRs. MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 offers approximately twice the compression efficiency of conventional codecs, and offers superior motion prediction, so even at the same bit rate it provides a smooth and detailed picture with virtually no block noise even when recording rapid action sequences. Added to this, the 50Mbps bit rate is high enough to support full HD 1920 x 1080 encoding in 24-60p or 50i/60i, resulting in stunningly detailed HD images. Web-friendly (Proxy) File Formats
Lower resolution H.264 files (480x270p, 960x540p, 720/480i, 720/576i) may be recorded simultaneously with full HD. These files are significantly smaller than HD files and are very suitable for immediate posting to the web. A file recorded in the 960 x 540 mode is approximately 1/10th the size of a full HD file recorded at 35 Mbps and takes a fraction of the time to FTP from the camera and to post. The smaller files may be quickly imported to an iPad for easy editing using iMovie or Pinnacle Studio. Transporting video to the web or back to the studio has never been fusing iMovie or Pinnacle Studio.

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