LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – Nintendo Wii U $11 was $20

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – Nintendo Wii U $11 was $20 at Bestbuy

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Product Features

BatmanJoin and a host of super heroes and villains on the quest to defeat Brainiac before he can miniaturize our cities and other planets with the awful power of the Lantern Rings

Take off for otherworldly combat as you fight through outer space on Zamaron, Odym and other Lantern worlds

Work alongside your favorite heroes and villains as you team up with the DC Comics heroes, including members of the Justice League, and unlock awesome powers and abilities with the robust roster of more than 150 characters

Get to know Solomon Grundy, Cyborg and other BIG LEGO figures

Contend with a mysterious plot full of twists and turns as you battle Brainiac’s mind-control powers, elusive disguises and the mind-blowing force of the Lantern Rings

Log on to the Caped Crusader’s computer to access Batman’s training regimen and test your mettle in battle arenas, races, detective mazes and other challenges

Select and upgrade your character’s suits and abilities by spinning the Bat-Tastic Gadget Wheel

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