MedFax Career – Alpharetta,GA

1235 Old Alpharetta Road, Suite 100
Alpharetta, GA 30005



MedFax is the leading source of Provider information in the U.S.

MedFax continually aggregates real world data from more than 10,000 primary sources, creating the first, truly validated, trustworthy, actionable tool for the healthcare industry to understand and update data on their providers from nurses to neurosurgeons…all in real time.

Health plans quickly access a provider’s complete, validated demographic profile and 10+ year practice history while constantly monitoring primary data sources for up-to-date license, exclusion, lawsuit and claims records.

Providing data solutions, Developing 95-percent Accurate and Credentialed Provider Networks

MedFax data solutions are designed for health plans and payers. The need for accurate and real-time date is crucial as government compliance focuses more and more on provider directory accuracy and sanctions monitoring.

MedFax provides the solutions, simply and seamlessly, while reducing the potential of costly fines and sanctions due to bad provider data.

MedFax data solutions are simple to integrate within any IT environment and system, with solutions provided as a Software-as-a-Service, in a dedicated Cloud, as flat files, and APIs.



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