super 30 movie review

This is a great story of a man who decided the poor can be privileged if educated. That a king’s son need not be a king.  Vikas Bahl, has done all the justice for marvelously telling this story. Director Bahl tried to show the streets of Bihar (actually shot in Varanasi) has been more successful.



Super 30 is is a film about the courageous Bihari mathematician like Lalu Yadav’s accent  survives the verbal abomination, but it also stakes its claim among the most inspiring and kindred films on the empowerment of the underprivileged through education.

The film has showcased the teacher’s remarkable work in the field of education , empathy of the selfless fearless educationist who would walk that extra mile–literally to educate, empower and edify the life of poor students but  has been substantially amplified and dramatized especially the shot on a hospital premise with the  students taking on a gang of professional goons, is too much.

The mathematician’s (Anand Kumar’s) story  bring out his humanism and generosity of spirit without ever resorting to over-sentimentalization. It is a marvelously staged illusory drama.

In the film the story has a love triangle tucked away in the passionate parable of empowerment. And Hrithik courts Mrunal Thakur feels real. The love line punch that comes late in the plot when she praises herself for her taste in men. But clearly, there is more heart in Hrithik/Anand’s relationship with his father (Veerendra Saxena) and his brother (Nandish Singh) than with his girlfriend.

All the songs fabulously choreographed especially the Basanti number where a wonderful parable of empowerment is created at a very public place during Holi where the rich kids are shown to be “put in their place” by Anand’s downtrodden student army.

The whole family can watch movie especially inspiring for kids to watch