garage door repair

if your garage door is installed by wayne dalton , then the spring might break in 3 to 5 years. the spring is hidden inside the pully rod and is not visible from outside. if your door does slide up and get’s stuck after a foot and manually lifting is heavy then most probably it is the broken spring.

The company gives a yr on warrenty and if you want to go with the company it might cost $200 and they work through their dealership 

instead , it is better to replace the inside spring with a outside one to get a better performance.

Before – wayne dalton rod

broken spring
replacing the new rod and external spring

all inclusive replacing parts and labor costs around $350

the good thing about hurrican is they give 5yr warrenty and the technician is salaried employee so they take their time to finish it off and may give additional stuff for free.

some other svc :

  • spencer 770294 3522
  • chuck   770 527 3802