Market Of Monsters Series (Not Even Bones, Only Ashes Remain, When Villains Rise) By Rebecca Schaeffer- Everyting You Need To Know

Title: Not Even Bones (Market Of Monsters #1) By Rebecca Schaeffer

(Book Two is titled ‘Only Ashes Remain’ (Market Of Monsters #2) and Book Three, set to release on September 8th, 2020, is titled ‘When Villains Rise’ (Market Of Monsters #3))

Release Dates: 

Not Even Bones (Market Of Monsters Book One): September 4th, 2018

Only Ashes Remain (Market Of Monsters Book Two): September 3rd, 2019

When Villains Rise (Market Of Monsters Book Three): September 8th, 2020

Page Count: 

Not Even Bones: 384

Only Ashes Remain: 437

When Villains Rise: Unknown 

Genre: Horror Fiction, Young Adult Fiction


     In the thrilling three-part series, Market Of Monsters, Nita has an ordinary life of a seventeen year- old girl. Except, she doesn’t go to school. And she works for her mom. Dissecting bodies. Her mom almost always brings home a dead body for Nita to dissect, a thing Nita enjoys greatly. One day, she brings something different. A living body. Fabrico. How far can Nita go and disobey her mother? How bad will the consequences be? Find out in this story of trust and betrayal! 


Not Even Bones: 

  • Goodreads: 4.1/5

  • Barnes and Nobles: 4.5/5

  • Books A Million: 3.5/5

  • “Twisty, grisly, genre-bending and immersive, Not Even Bones will grab you by the throat and drag you along as it gleefully tramples all of your expectations.” –Sara Holland, New York Times best-selling author of Everless

  • “Dexter meets This Savage Song in this dark fantasy about a girl who sells magical body parts on the black market — until she’s betrayed.”- Satisfied Customer 

  • “Gritty, compelling, a tale to feed the monster in all of us. I couldn’t put this one down.” —Elly Blake, the New York Times best-selling author of Frostblood

  • “Readers who are tired of the same recycled story lines will find something original here…The story is so compelling that readers have to keep going to find out how, or if Nita gets out of this mess.”–School Library Journal

  • “I wasn’t disappointed, dark, gritty and murky it’s fast paced and well worth reading.”- Reader

    Only Ashes Remain: 
  • Goodreads: 4.3/5

  • Barnes and Nobles: 4.6/5

  • NovelKnight Book Reviews: 4/5

  • “A gory, thought-provoking sequel mixing Dexter and John Wick and not for the faint-hearted.” —Kirkus
  • “[A]n unapologetically dark, morally messy thriller of survival, with an ambitious plot….A fascinating addition to a thought-provoking series.” —Booklist
  • “I didnt think Rebecca Schaeffer could top Not Even Bones, I just couldnt fathom how you could beat perfect; and yet she did with Only Ashes Remain. The character arcs and the character development was nothing short of magical. Seeing into Kovit’s past, going down Nita’s moral demise, learning what truly makes a monster (and what makes someone human) I cannot wait for the next book. Favorite series I have read in a VERY long time.”- Reader
  • “Following such an epic first novel, I was not disappointed! Rebecca Schaeffer’s writing is so intensely amazing you will find yourself being pulled further and further until you’re lost into the world of Market of Monsters. You’ll look at the clock, realize you have been reading for 7 hours and still be unable to set it down!”- Satisfied Customer 

When Villains Rise (Unreleased): 

  • Goodreads: 4.4/5

Webtoon Adaptation By Rebecca Schaeffer and Alai Cinereo

Release: October 24, 2019

Genre: Thriller/ Horror

Description (from Webtoon): 

Nita doesn’t hunt supernatural beings and sell their body parts on the black market – her mother does that. Nita only dissects the magical bodies for her mother. However, Nita’s about to get a real taste of the family business and there is no turning back. Now, Nita must decide whether she is willing to become a monster… (Based on the YA novel by Rebecca Schaeffer.)

Rating: 9.77/10

Episode Number (As Of June 16, 2020): 36