Japanese Kani House Restaurant

Kani house is a Japanese hibachi restaurant that is a chain.
They have a variety of delicious food to pick from, so a vegetarian and meat eater can eat many food here.
One of the best things about Kani house is the worker are friendly and accommodating.
They aren’t as picky on the age for children’s meals. Love that. Some kids don’t like or eat as much as others and prior to
this year, my sister needed the kids meun.  But it was nice on our family budget to be able to order off the kids meal.
This allowed us to go more often.
We love Kani House. Not tremendously expensive, as a teenage boy, I enjoy it, sushi is always
fresh at the sushi bar, but have lots to offer for the non-sushi person.
This was our fifth experience at a hibachi restaurant and this is the best hibachi I ever went to!
The restaurant wasn’t crowded so we did get seated and waited on quickly.
The waitress was very patient by listing for what food we want and got the correct food we ordered!
We got one pot of hot tea at the beginning of our meal and she came back to remove plates and service the dessert!
We asked for a glass of water and she quick got water!!
 The chef that prepared our food cooked it very well and
served very nicely without spilling the food everywhere while attempting to serve us from the grill!
Kani House is always fun and entertaining. The last time when we were there, The waiting time was very short, which is about 2 minutes.
The bill costed $70, but however we save some money because my mom had a $10 off coupon otherwise we had to pay $66.
There was no incentive or any advantage prepaying for Kani Japanese Restaurant.
We got our table and sat down at the hibachi, The heat of the flame for the grill rush to our faces.
The cook had a flat, metal spatula in one hand and an enormous, sharp knife in the other.
Kani House’s shows are no strangers to the action of hibachi, as usually the chef entertained us before plating seared
steak and scallops alongside fresh, sautéed vegetables.To keep the cost down we ordered the build your own combination, which was the the shrimp and chicken combination.
The meal was amazing and tatse to eat. You get a salad, soup, the hibachi meal, and ice cream or sherbet.
The steady sushi masters may not share their compatriots’ outward exuberance, but their work is just as delicious.
From behind their long bar, they assemble maki cylinders with tender cuts of fatty tuna and bright salmon, artfully arranging
cuts of more than 50 specialty rolls in the shape of caterpillars.
They also prepare the sushi for fearsome members on the Japanese Diet. Bright bamboo panels and natural stone add to the vibrant
ambiance, surrounding diners with dark-wood and nuanced accents that keep the focus on the beauty of excellent cuisine.
It was a unique Hibachi experience with the chef doing his different tricks with fire and also throwing food into your mouth
and doing his spatula theatrics, and also make a beating human heart made out of fried rice.
I’ve been to several of these places, but this Hibachi restaurant is three times more fun and entertaining than other hibachi
restaurant, and the food was a little step above other restaurant and they offered different options.
I had the chicken and shrimp combo, shrimp is definitely a different option, the chicken was cooked perfect.
The chicken was super tender and spicy because we asked the chef to cook the chicken long and add more spices.
I like that the rice portion was a lot bigger than most places I’ve been and all the different sauces they gave kind gave a
good taste the some of the food and there was plenty of food and when everything was mixed together it was very good.
Other than the atmopshere and service, the food was very taste.
The Hula filet which my mom ordered had is also something a little different about and they had a filet mignon cooked with pineapple and
with hot sauce on top.
They were both very good.
Other people at other tables had different variations of steak, shrimp or chicken and I heard no complaints.
Our meal ended with a small vanilla ice cream and rainbow sherbet.We were very happy with the overall meal –
plenty of quantity, and very flavorful.
The things were outstanding for this type of restaurant!
This is the number one best hibachi restaurant I been to!
We would love to return to this restaurant.

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