Cafe Istanbul 3, Alpharetta GA

The food is average Turkish food. Plan to spend around $50 per person if you want to have some drinks, food and hookah.

The hookah costs around $20 and comes on different flavors (e.g. mint…). 

The tower drink costs around $50 and can be 8 glasses of drinks of your choice.

The atmosphere is ok , kind of not maintained well. The seating arrangement down with small mattresses might hurt your back after some time and looks old. The good part is when the belly dancer comes out in an abbreviated costume gyrating in front of audience.

overall this place is good to visit for one or two times

The authentic Mediterranean restaurant in Alpharetta, GA for Turkish food or other Mediterranean cuisines including baklava, kabobs, and hummus, and more. The dine-in experience is ok and courteous customer service.

This is one of a kind first restaurant in GA to have a hookah bar inside. The hookah lounge and bar offers premium pipes and flavored tobacco for you to relax with after your meal or enjoy with friends on a night out with nightlife entertainment such as belly dancing, so your hookah bar experience will be anything but dull!