Japanese Restaurant – Jinya Ramen Bar

3714 Roswell Rd #35, Atlanta, GA 30342.

Fine dinning with very good decorum. be ready to spend around $20.

The very good taste : soft shell crab bun ($7+)

once yoy step inside the restaurant all the waiters and chefs  say (irasshaimase) in japanese means  Welcome! They are welcoming you and showing that they are prepared to serve you. It’s exactly the same as when someone welcomes you at any other normal restaurant, except it tends to be the chefs in these restaurants since they are serving you the food. It doesn’t exactly translate to it, but to them it means “welcome, we are ready to serve you.”

JINYA(Jinya is a name of a Samurai soldier.) Ramen Bar’s signature stocks take center-stage on their menu. Slowly simmered for more than ten hours, they combine chickens or vegetables with just the right amount of bonito, dashi, kombu and other authentic ingredients. The result is a rich broth that is thick, full-flavored, healthful… and unforgettable


But there’s still more to ramen than broth. Ramen noodles are kept for three days to maximize their flavor, JINYA Ramen Bar’s noodles are made fresh daily and crafted to sink perfectly in your bowl with thick noodles for some broths and thin noodles for others.

you can  customize with an array of traditional toppings with the broth and tapas on the side. Choose from meat or our vegetarian broth, as well as from spinach noodles. Plus, JINYA’s focus on kaizen which comes in big, earthen bowls.

The ramen is made with strong chicken stock and garnished with seed-studded chicken meatballs; of the greenery-rich vegetable ramen made with the same stock.


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