Saigon Restaurant review

The Saigon Cafe a Vietnamese Restaurant located in Alpharetta that serves South East Asian cuisine
in Thai cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Malaysian cuisine, & Vietnamese cuisine.
Saigon (or Sài Gòn in Vietnamese) is that Sài is a Sino-Vietnamese word meaning “firewood”,
while Gòn is another Sino-Vietnamese word meaning “stick”
They have around 7+ locations around Atlanta.
One can wear casual clothing and sneakers and You can also grab your grub to go.
Parking is located all around the restaurant and is free parking.
Prepare to spend about $15-$20 per person when dining at Saigon Cafe.

In the front of the Restaurant , there is a Vietnamese temple on the floor.
Waiting area is not good, the wait area is just a bench and the rustier.
The wait time here is short about 1 min when the restaurant is not busy.
The restaurant is decorated with a bamboo plant with paint picture with a empty pastry box.

On the menu, The price for one dish was about $7. The food preparation takes about 10 minutes.

Most of the dishes here tasted normal, the food was not tasty nor the food was not bad.


one of the dishes that were bad was the eggplant curry. The extra rice(plain or fried) cost $2.
so it is better to order extra fried rice if you have ordered any curry (Green Curry , Panang Curry…).
Satay Chicken more resembles like kabob chicken.
you should try their bubble tea also.

Speaking of Thai Language
women and men use different words to be polite. Add ‘kha’ at the end of sentence for Women.
For men, add ‘krub’ at the end of your sentence. It’s a little word that goes a long ways.

like the one of the soup name is “TOM KHA” which has Chunks of chicken breasts with white mushrooms
and cilantro in a richly flavored coconut milk and chicken broth seasoned with Thai spices, galangal,
lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves.

David Lee is the founder and CEO of Saigon Restaurant Group. His is a story of an American dream.
He came to America as a refugee child, obtained his first job in the restaurant industry
by working as a part-time server and kitchen help while going to school.
After graduating with an architectural degree, he spent a few years as a draftsman before moving to Atlanta
and starting his own construction company. Then the events of 9/11 impacted him in a way
that made him change his career direction. He longed to build a more grounded life for his family.
Following the footsteps of his family back in Vietnam, he decided to take the dive into the restaurant business.
The first Saigon Café was opened in January of 2002 in the Market Fair Plaza on Satellite Blvd in Duluth.
It was created to give guests a traditional Vietnamese experience,
to make them feel that they were eating street food in Vietnam through the selection of food and décor.
In February of 2012,after Saigon Restaurant Group’s 10th year Anniversary,
he opened Saigon Café Alpharetta on Windward Pkwy.

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