HIPnation – A Healthcare Community Focused On You

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about HIPnation-PrimaryCarePlusSM. This is a deep dive to help you understand why we structure our healthcare delivery solution differently than the current system and how doing so benefits you.

Some important points. First, healthcare is what happens when you see your doctor, pick-up a medication or undergo a procedure. Health insurance helps you pay for healthcare and protects you against a potentially high-cost event. However, within the current insurance-based model, insurance raises the price of healthcare.

So, we have taken this broken system and transformed it into a delivery model built around you and your doctors. We remove the insurance industry’s interaction with your primary care doctor by offering membership in HIPnation-PrimaryCarePlusSM for $100 per month. Without an insurance company between you and your primary care doctor and needed specialists, we decrease the cost of healthcare and allow our doctors to focus on you.

We partner with an innovative insurance company that provides an insurance indemnity product that helps you pay for less costly care and protects you against those potential worrisome health events. It is the best of both worlds: low cost healthcare with you at its center and protection against the cost of care when more is needed.


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