Does Georgia Owe You Money: Find Out Here

The GA treasurer is holding millions of dollars in unclaimed property. Here’s how to search and claim your money or items.
Every state has an office that holds on to unclaimed money and property, including Georgia’s Department of Revenue, and some of it could belong to you. What is unclaimed property? Typically that includes money left in bank accounts, stocks, bonds, dividends, utility deposits, insurance proceeds, tangible property and more.

The state website has an Unclaimed Property Search form that allows residents to input their name and city to begin the search.

Type in your last name then your first name without using commas or semi-colons. If you find your name:

Check the box beside your name
Click Submit Inquiry
Fill out Contact Information
Then click Request A Claim Form
If you have a problem with your search, you may want to install a more current browser.

Claim forms are mailed directly to the listed owner unless the owner is deceased. If the listed owner is a company or other organization, the claim forms will be mailed to the company address to the attention of an officer or other designated employee.

For questions about unclaimed property, call Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.(excluding state holidays), at (855) 329-9863, or you can send an email:

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