is it a smart decision to take SAT in August?

Are you thinking to take SAT? The August SAT offers a lot of benefits that other test dates do not.


If you are considering taking the August SAT, be sure to track the registration deadline. you might miss it because of  summer vacation.

Why take advantage of the August SAT? Read on to learn who benefits most from this test date and who should avoid the August test.

Rising Seniors who want a better SAT Test Score

Rising seniors have a lot to worry about as school starts: AP classes, leadership roles in clubs and teams, college essays, and other criteria that goes into college application season. With all of that stress, the last thing seniors should do is wait until October – the ending of college application season – to finalize SAT scores.

Any rising senior who still needs to raise their SAT scores should take advantage of the August SAT to get testing out of the way before the demands of school and the application process happen.

Seniors Applying Early Decision or Early Action

The August SAT offers one last chance to boost SAT test scores for early applications. While some schools might have early deadlines that are just late enough for the October test date to hit the cutoff, it’s not worth the added stress to wait until the last possible moment to take the final SAT. Instead, any student applying to college early should take advantage of the August SAT for that last chance to raise their score.

Rising Juniors Getting a Jump Start

The most dedicated rising juniors might consider taking the August SAT as their first official test date. This offers a chance to allows the student to get the first test date out of the way before school demands start in earnest, and takes advantage of summer SAT prep.

Who SHOULDN’T Take the August SAT?

The August SAT is not the best test date for all students – in fact, there are some students who should avoid the August SAT in favor of other test dates.

Any Student Who Didn’t Prepare Over Summer

The biggest advantage of the August SAT is that it allows students to maximize summer SAT preparation. Instead of prepping over summer and forgetting everything for the August test date, students can take the test in October when they have to prepare again for the SAT. 

Rising Sophomores

Some students start their SAT test prep early, but even sophomores that have already started their SAT prep would be better off waiting to take the SAT later. First, a lot of the material on the SAT won’t be covered until 9th or 10th grade math classes, so it’s better to wait until you’ve got a firmer math foundation to work with. Second, colleges generally prefer to see SAT or ACT scores that are more recent – usually spring of Junior year or fall of Senior year – so even if you managed to reach your goal score on this first test date, you’d likely still be better off retaking the test closer to application season.