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With a focus on internal infrastructure and the critical systems, applications, and data we see in organizations today, it is essential to remember that people are the real driving force that keeps a business operating. Without your employees, there is no one to perform the necessary functions that connect your business and the services you deliver to your Customers. Management often overlooks the importance of recovery as it relates to employees and the people who perform daily tasks. However, when a disaster happens, workforce routines are disrupted, communications are often disjointed, and employees lose their ability to perform jobs.

Do your critical systems need saving?


Workgroup Recovery from RES-Q™ Services can mitigate interruptions created by a disaster through providing a scalable, prepared workspace for employees to work in. Workgroup Recovery Services enable end users to both gather and utilize the technologies required to effectively access their personalized data and applications. This includes desktop computing and telephones along with access to office equipment such as facsimile and copy machines to stay connected to the world you serve.

RES-Q™ delivers fixed Workgroup Recovery and Mobile Workgroup Solution Options.

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