turn old computer into a chrome book

If you have an old computer then don’t discard it using Neverware software you can turn it into chrome book.

In 2010, Jonathan Hefter set out on a bold mission in a challenging space — create a solution for bringing the best technology to the students and teachers who need it most.

Technology education is more important than ever before, while budgets are tighter than ever. Sadly, schools and districts remain trapped in a refresh cycle where expensive hardware is used for a short period, then discarded at the first sign of slowdown. Jonathan asked the question, “How can students, teachers and consumers get the experience of using a new, powerful computer without buying one?” Working as a team, we’ve found the answer.

Our first product, PCReady, took desktop virtualization and streamlined it for the school environment, powering thousands of old computers across New York City schools and turning closets of old hardware into powerful, usable machines. However, establishing leadership in the desktop operating system space meant evolving with it.

To help schools keep pace with the cloud-computing revolution, we developed CloudReady: a lightweight operating system built on the same foundation as Google’s Chrome OS, but able to run on almost any hardware. We believe this recipe – using modern operating system expertise to solve tough problems – is both the future of our company, and the future of technology. By focusing on what we know — simplicity, transparency and honesty — we’re aiming for a future where everyone has access to a high-performing, affordable device running an OS that meets their needs.

NeverWare have been fortunate enough to support incredibly smart, committed people that we’ve earned repeat business from. It’s rare to have a small business with such high retention and customer satisfaction, and it’s because we’ve invested in people and products that matter, for the long run.


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